In the check: The bicycle backpack Commuter-Daypack City by Ortlieb


In late summer, Ortlieb gave their backpacks an update, including the popular Commuter Daypack City model. It is now available in new colors made of PVC-free nylon and in the version shown here with 27 liters of storage space. This makes this backpack one of the really big ones and it is practically ready for any task!

Ortlieb Commuter Daypack City 27 Review Test Roll Top 1

The first contact with the big daypack City already brings a surprise: With 800 grams, the backpack is surprisingly light, especially since one expects a higher weight due to the dimensions alone. This is already the first plus point, because additional weight is already enough due to the large storage space.

Ortlieb gives the dimensions with 32 cm width, 21 cm depth and a height of 50 cm, which applies to the closed backpack. Thanks to the roll-top system, the closure height can be adjusted according to the contents — and in an emergency, the backpack can even be used when open. By the way, the height is then over 60 cm with a width of a good 40 cm. As current lockdown information: A pack of toilet paper with 8 rolls can be easily transported 😉

The materials used for the Commuter Daypack City are very pleasant: The matte nylon fabric shines only slightly when exposed to light and therefore looks quite high-quality, but at the same time is tough and can be easily cleaned of dirt (which is of course less of an issue with the black version tested here than with the yellow model, for example). Compared to the flexible top, the bottom of the backpack is made of a more stable material. This provides a safe stand without tipping over, and the bottom is also protected from getting wet.

The thick back paddings, which adapt flexibly to the body position, ensure a high degree of wearing comfort. The gaps between the individual pads ensure that you sweat as little as possible. The shoulder straps are pleasantly wide and screwed to the backpack — so if a defect should ever occur here, they can be replaced quite easily. A small detail that makes for more sustainability! And while we’re on the subject of details: the seams and the Ortlieb logo are made of reflective material and thus provide a little more safety in the dark. In addition, things like a tail light, helmet or U-lock can be attached to three loops on the backpack.

The inside of the backpack is actually nothing more than a big black hole — if there wasn’t the separate insert with an inner notebook compartment. This measures 39 cm x 27 cm x 2.5 cm and offers space for large equipment, and there are three additional compartments for accessories. Thanks to the light gray material, the interior compartment is also easy to see.

Overall, the Commuter Daypack City in Check delivered a convincing performance: The backpack is large, robust, light and well manufactured. Besides the black version shown here, the 27-liter model is also available in dark chili red. Those who can manage with the smaller 21-liter model can also choose between the colors petrol and mustard yellow. All further information about the backpack can be found on the Ortlieb website.




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