In the check: stylish, functional and sustainable cycling fashion by Le Picot


“Ride in style” is the credo of the Swiss label Le Picot — and they more than live up to it! This is proven by a fashion collection aimed at urban cyclists, combining suitability for everyday use with fine details for those who enjoy cycling.

Although the current selection is quite small, the Urban Essentials offer a wide range of clothing: from socks and pants to various tops, jackets and caps, there is something for every application.

The fact that the cycling features are not immediately apparent is part of the concept: Le Picot garments are primarily made for everyday use, while their look is minimalist and timeless. In addition, they also offer practical cycling functions, which makes the garments all the more interesting. Want an example?

  • The Brissago T-shirt is basically a normal T-shirt — but interwoven with a special technique, so it won’t warp even if you have a heavy shoulder bag or backpack.
  • The K5 sweatshirt, on the other hand, offers a practical breast pocket that even fits the smartphone. Practical, this often disturbs in the trouser pocket when cycling. A contrast seam and the orange mesh lining give the piece a special twist. In addition, there are reflective stripes on the sleeve, which provide more visibility in the dark and therefore safety.
  • The Rivera Jeans also follows this approach: a reflective writing appears when you roll up your right pants — which is often done when cycling anyway. The organic cotton jeans have a stretch component made of recycled polyester, which increases freedom of movement when cycling, and details such as the orange stitching round off the positive impression.

In addition to outstanding quality with a great feel, Le Picot also attaches great importance to sustainability: all items are produced under fair conditions in Portugal and Spain and should be as durable as possible and have a low impact on the environment.

All pieces of the current Urban Essentials collection can be discovered on the Le Picot website, where they can also be ordered directly.



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