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Globe Haul ST: a compact cargo bike with big fun factor for a small price


The older ones may still remember: The bike brand Globe already existed in the past, back then as a rather inexpensive sub-brand of Specialized. The range included cool bikes that celebrated the fun of cycling. That they should also offer a high utility value was shown by the often installed front carriers. At some point, however, Specialized discontinued the brand and it became quiet around Globe. First signs of life were then heard last year, when the return of Globe was announced. And now the time has come: with the Globe Haul ST, the first new bike has been introduced – which leads the core values of Globe into the future. But now with electric assistance!

The new Globe Haul ST is a compact cargo bike that already conveys a lot of fun at first glance. The reason for this is certainly the beefy look, which is somehow also endearing and friendly due to the small format — so the bike has already secured its first sympathy points!

Mini bike with maxi battery

The Haul ST is driven by a hub motor in the rear wheel. This “individually tuned Globe motor” is unfortunately not specified in the technical data, as well as it is currently still unclear whether the motor is controlled via a torque sensor. What is certain, however, is that the system offers five support modes and is supplied with power from a huge battery: this offers a whopping 772 Wh capacity and is removable from the frame!

The rear carrier is the primary option for transporting loads, as it is mounted directly on the bike’s frame and therefore looks very stable. It is therefore somewhat surprising that Globe only mentions a load capacity of 40 kg. However, additional goods can also be transported in other places on the bike: there is the option of attaching luggage baskets or bags to the side of the fork at the front — the same applies to the rear rack, of course. The system weight of the bike (the sum of the weight of the bike, rider and load) is quite generous at 190 kg.

One-size frame with fat tires

The fact that the bike looks so compact and beefy is also largely due to the small and very fat tires: these have only 20″ diameter, but are a whole 90 mm wide! The frame itself is available in only one size (but in two colors) and can be adjusted by the height-adjustable handlebar and saddle to riders from 134 to 193 cm height. The gear system is a MicroSHIFT type with 9 speeds, the hydraulic disc brakes have in view of the high payload quite large brake discs with 203 mm diameter. A lighting system is also installed on the bike. However, it can be doubted whether it meets our German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) criteria — which is not surprising at first, since the bike is currently only listed in the US.

Globe Haul ST Mini Cargobike Lastenrad 2023 Black
Globe Haul ST in Satin Obsidian

When will the Globe be available here?

Given the worldwide availability of the parent company Specialized, it should only be a matter of time until Globe and the Haul ST will also be available here in Europe. Then it will also become clear whether the bike will also be offered here for a similar price. In the US, the price is USD 2,700, which would be just under EUR 2,600 (plus VAT) at the current exchange rate. Compared to other cargo bikes, this is a very attractive offer, especially since the bike is also a real eye-catcher!




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