2021 product range update

Optimized lineup and design improvements for Desiknio’s urban e-bikes


As with many other manufacturers, the biggest challenge this season will probably be to be able to supply bikes at all and in a reasonably timely manner. Demand for bikes exploded last year, and the trend towards bicycles and e-bikes is continuing this year. Therefore, one should not necessarily expect major innovations this year – the manufacturers are usually already happy to be able to continue to offer the current lineup sufficiently.

The Spanish company Desiknio has probably also streamlined its lineup of cleaner e-bikes for this reason. For this season, there are consistently fewer configuration options for the bikes, which should have a positive effect on the (so far already quite long) delivery time. Also previous options such as the carbon fork, lighting system or mudguards are now already preconfigured and can — at least in Desiknios Customizer — no longer be selected manually. Only the rack remains as an option, in addition, of course, the selection of the frame: so there is for most models in addition to the classic diamond frame also the option for a comfort frame in trapezoid shape.

Desiknio Urban E Bikes 2021 Granada Red
Desiknios clean look, now also with an even more uncluttered cockpit

As usual, the slim e-bikes are equipped with Mahles X35+ drive — consisting of a hub motor with 40 Nm torque in the rear wheel and a fixed battery in the down tube, which offers 250 Wh of capacity. The drive system is controlled on all models with the iWoc-One button on the top tube, which displays the battery status and is used to select the respective speed level. The comfortable iWoc Trio handlebar button is still omitted, probably to make the look of the bikes as clean as possible.

This is where one of the few innovations of the 2021 edition becomes apparent: Desiknio now also routes the cables and lines directly below the handlebars into the stem, where they then disappear invisibly into the frame. This makes the cockpit look much cleaner, since you can hardly see all the cables. A trend that can be seen this year on some bikes — and which one would like to see on all bicycles!

Apart from that, there are still two equipment versions to choose from: Desiknios Urban models with black attachments (handlebars and stem, seatpost with saddle and crankset) and the Classic models, where these parts shine silver-polished, saddle and grips are then brown. As tires on all bikes 40 mm wide models are used, in addition, everywhere now always a light system of Supernova and mudguards are installed as standard.

For the drive train, you still have the choice between Singlespeed or Pinions gearbox with 6 or 9 gears. Both variants use the Gates Carbon Drive belt drive. With a classic bicycle chain, on the other hand, comes the 11s model, which is then equipped with a derailleur and 11 gears.

However, two models differ somewhat from the regular range: firstly, the Pinion Urban in Granada Red, which is equipped without mudguards, but with black carbon fork and 50 mm wide tires. In addition, the GRX Gravel, which is equipped with mudguards and carbon fork and also has a racing handlebar installed. According to the name, Shimano’s GRX Gravel shifting group is installed here, which is also optionally available as an electric Di2 variant.

You can see: Although the selection options have been streamlined, there is still quite a wide range of model variants. Accordingly, the prices also vary, which start at 3,890 Euros and end at 5,620 Euros. If you want to know more, you can view all possible models in Desiknio’s online customizer.




2 thoughts on “Optimized lineup and design improvements for Desiknio’s urban e-bikes”

  1. Gates drive, tick, Super nova lights, tick, aesthetics, tick. And its a lot cheaper than the shindelhauer equivalent….. a little unsure about the x35 in terms of hills and natural ride. but this looks great !

  2. A lot cheaper than the Schindelhauer? I think they are on par, or which bikes do you mean exactly?

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