Dance: New subscription service for e-bikes starts in Berlin


As a new subscription service for e-bikes, Dance was launched these days. The mobility start-up was founded by SoundCloud founders Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss and Alexander Ljung together with Jimdo co-founder Christian Springub. Currently, the whole thing is starting as an invite-only program in Berlin and is later to become a worldwide subscription service for urban e-bikes.

The aim of Dance is “to build a networked, global e-bike community and, together with its users, to start a movement to make cities more bicycle-friendly and liveable”. That sounds wonderfully selfless, but surely the aim is also to make some profit with this service.

Dance E Bike Abo 2
Will the real bike look that cool?

And speaking of money: For an introductory price of 59 euros per month, Dance delivers an e-bike within 24 hours, ready to ride, right to your door. Should repairs be necessary or the bike be stolen, it will be replaced immediately. Unfortunately, it is currently not clear what kind of e-bike it is, nor is the equipment of the bike. You probably shouldn’t rely on the cool look of the teaser photo.

Those who are interested in the subscription have to register on and then end up on a waiting list. With patience you will receive an invitation to sign up for the subscription, at the latest then the exact details of the bikes should be announced.

Basically, the subscription model for bicycles is certainly an interesting option for some people, which in combination with a fast and reliable service offers further advantages. The focus purely on e-bikes is definitely in line with the Zeitgeist – and this is what makes Dance different from its competitor Swapfiets, which offers both normal bikes (almost 20 Euros) and e-bikes (around 70 Euros). However, the question of whether Dance is a real competition to this will only become clear when the new service is actually in regular operation.



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