With trapezoidal and diamond frame

Coboc Bristol — functional urban e-bikes with two racks


Update: the bike initially called Brixton — has since been renamed Bristol to avoid a trademark dispute. Below is the original article with the old bike name.

With the Brixton bikes, the Heidelberg-based company Coboc today presents a completely new model series. The goal in developing this new line was to create a stylish as well as functional urban bike. At first glance this is recognizable by the two racks at the front and rear of the bikes, the electric drive, however, is — typical for Coboc — barely visible.

Coboc Brixton Urban Utility E Bike Teaser 2021
Cobocs new Brixton models

But let’s start with the racks: Both are fixed to the frame, which is particularly interesting for the front carrier. This thus does not steer with the front wheel in curves, which provides greater driving stability. Compatible are both carriers with the Racktime system Snap-It 2. Thus, a large selection of baskets, boxes and boxes is available, which can be attached to the carriers with a simple click mechanism. By the way, the load capacity is 20 kg at the rear and 10 kg at the front. The high utility value is also ensured by the possibility of attaching child seats and bicycle trailers to the new bikes.

There are also innovations in the already mentioned drive, although hardly visible. The battery is still inconspicuous and firmly installed in the down tube and offers a capacity of 380 Wh. The drive is also controlled via a torque sensor, which allows for a particularly natural driving feel. The compact motor in the rear wheel, however, is a novelty — it is a new and specially developed by Coboc model. This CBC01 called motor should be particularly quiet, offers 30 Nm of torque and weighs with 2 kg about 500g less than the previous model.

Keyword weight: Coboc calls 18.9 kg for the Brixton, which seems surprisingly high for the actually very light bikes of the manufacturer. But of course, the racks mentioned here contribute to the total weight, as does the complete Commuter equipment. Thus, the Brixton bikes have mudguards and an integrated lighting system — front with Supernova headlights, rear elegantly integrated into the mudguard. Comparatively heavy, but also robust and comfortable to ride is the, with 55 mm exceptionally wide, Schwalbe Marathon tires. As a circuit is installed on the Brixton a SRAM NX derailleur with 11 gears, the hydraulic disc brakes come from Riderever type Arc-U.

Customers can choose between a classic diamond frame and a practical trapezoidal comfort frame. Both are made of aluminum, and the colors are District Red and Riesling Silver for the trapezoid frame and Workshop Blue and Anvil Grey for the diamond frame. The models are each available in sizes S, M and L, and the price for the Brixton is 3,999 euros.

The bikes should be available from June/July 2021, more information is available on the Coboc website.




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