BZEN battery option: How far do you want to go?


The newcomer brand BZEN focuses on city e-bikes and is mainly aimed at the ladies’ world – without egalitarianism. All models are true lightweights and the “Amsterdam” model with 13.75 kg is probably the lightest ladies’ e-bike on the market at the moment. However, the Belgians do not want to lose any weight in terms of versatility. For this reason they have recently started offering two battery sizes.

BZEN Amsterdam Akkuoption 2020 2
Bigger battery for more range

The smaller battery with 252 Wh is optimally designed for ranges around 60 km. With the 380 Wh variant, the range increases by 50% to around 90 km – depending on the support level and general conditions. With this BZEN wants to meet different purposes: Combined with a belt drive the smaller battery is ideal for comfortable cruising in the city radius. On the other hand, those who commute more than ten kilometres a day will benefit from the larger battery with a derailleur system. The personal preference is decisive – and here BZEN shows variety: with the new battery option, different types of drive, frame colours and accessories as well as clever basic features such as LED lighting with automatic sensors.

With a 175 euro surcharge, the pricing for the bigger battery is quite fair, and this new option is also available for the known BZEN models Milano (with diamond frame) and Brussels (with trapezoid frame). All further information about the slim e-bikes can be found on the BZEN-Website.



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