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ADO Air 20 Pro and Air 28 Pro with new e-drive: This innovation takes single speed e-bikes to the next level!


After successfully launching the Air 20 and Air 28 models on the market last year, ADO has now added the Pro versions of the same name: the ADO Air 20 Pro and the ADO Air 28 Pro. The basis of both bikes remains fundamentally identical and consists of a hub motor in the rear wheel, which is driven by a clean and largely maintenance-free belt drive. Until now, this has been a classic single-speed drive without gears, as is typical for this type of construction. And there’s no question that this system works very well thanks to the sensitive drive from Mivice, including a torque sensor – which has already been demonstrated in our test of the ADO Air 20!

Nachdem ADO im letzten Jahr erfolgreich die Modelle Air 20 und Air 28 auf den Markt gebracht hat, folgen nun als Ergänzung die gleichnamigen Pro-Varianten: das ADO Air 20 Pro sowie das ADO Air 28 Pro. Die Basis beider Bikes bleibt dabei grundsätzlich identisch, und besteht aus einem Nabenmotor im Hinterrad, der von einem sauberen und weitgehend wartungsfreien Riemenantrieb angesteuert wird. Bislang hatte man damit einen klassischen Singlespeed-Antrieb ohne Gangschaltung, wie es ganz typisch für diese Bauart ist. Und keine Frage, dieses System funktioniert dank des feinfühligen Antriebs von Mivice inklusive einem Drehmomentsensor sehr gut – was sich bereits in unserem Test des ADO Air 20 gezeigt hat!

ADO Air 20 Pro Urban E Bike 2 Speed Hub Gears Design
Compact folding bike: the ADO Air 20 Pro with new motor and gears as well as a clean belt drive

For the new Pro models, however, ADO is now replacing this electric drive with a unit from Bafang – and there’s a good reason for this. In fact, this is not just any alternative motor, but rather the new H700 offers a 2-speed gearbox integrated into the motor! And that’s not all, because the shifting process is also automatic, making a gearshift on the handlebars superfluous. The new 40 Nm motor is also assisted by a torque sensor, so there is no need to worry about compromising on the natural riding experience.

Thanks to the integrated gearbox, there are several advantages over typical single-speed drives: firstly, the combination of compact hub motor, clean belt drive and gearbox was previously only possible using a Pinion bottom bracket gearbox. Although this offers a wide range and innovative technology, it also makes the corresponding bikes very expensive. In contrast, the surcharge for the new Bafang drive is reasonable. The new motor also scores points in terms of appearance and operation: on the one hand, it still offers the tidy look of a single-speed drive, and on the other, thanks to the automatic shifting system, there is no need to lay any cables or mount any shift levers. The encapsulated design in the motor housing is similar to a hub gear and is therefore maintenance-free and well protected from the weather.

ADO Air 28 Pro Urban E Bike 2 Speed Hub Gears Design
Same technology, conventional frame with low step-through: the ADO Air 20 Pro

It will be exciting to see in a test — hopefully soon to follow — how abruptly the gear changes are triggered. This is activated when reaching the limit of 20 km/h, at which point the transmission automatically shifts to second gear. Thanks to the increased range, the drive should have more power when starting off and on hills, while the second gear should enable a more comfortable cadence when riding fast.

Further innovations on the ADO Air 20 Pro and ADO Air 28 Pro

Apart from the electric drive, both bikes also offer other new features:

  • The compact ADO Air 20 Pro folding bike now has a suspension fork that can also be locked mechanically. In addition, there are now sturdy aluminum mudguards and an equally new luggage rack. There is now also a rear light, which is now powered by the bike’s main battery.
  • The rear light of both the ADO Air 20 Pro and the ADI Air 28 Pro now offers a turn signal function that is operated via a switch on the handlebars.

While the ADO Air 20 Pro can be stowed and transported particularly compactly as a folding bike, the ADO Air 28 is the alternative with a comfort frame in the usual bike size with 28″ tires. The battery in the seat post of both bikes is a good size at just under 360 Wh and is also removable. We have already published a test of the ADO Air 20 without the new Pro features here. Like the regular ADO Air 28, this bike will remain available and rounds off the range at a lower price.

The new Pro models at a low introductory price

The new Pro models are also affordable as usual, with a surcharge of 400 euros — but currently only 200 euros thanks to the introductory price!

  • The ADO Air 20 folding bicycle with singlespeed drive costs 1,399 euros.
  • The new ADO Air 20 Pro with 2-speed drivetrain regularly costs 1,799 euros, but is currently available for 1,599 euros!

  • The ADO Air 28 with single-speed drivetrain and comfort frame costs 1,599 euros
  • The new ADO Air 28 Pro with 2-speed drivetrain regularly costs 1,899 euros, but is currently available for 1,699 euros!

Dank der vergünstigten Einführungspreise muss man zu den neuen Pro-Modellen raten, zumal sich bei einem dem Kauf über diesen Link dank eines Gutschein-Codes weitere 5 Prozent sparen lassen: damit kosten die Bikes dann nur noch 1.519 Euro (ADO Air 20) bzw. 1.614 Euro (ADO Air 28).

Thanks to the reduced introductory prices, the new Pro models are the ones to go for, especially as you can save a further 5 percent when buying via this link thanks to the voucher code “URBANBIKE5”: the bikes then cost just 1,519 euros (ADO Air 20) and 1,614 euros (ADO Air 28). The discount is automatically applied in the shopping cart.




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