Abus 770A SmartX: a bicycle lock with app control and alarm system


With the 770 SmartX, ABUS now offers a bicycle lock that no longer needs a key—because the key is the smartphone, which can stay in your pocket!

When the user is close to his bicycle with his smartphone, the lock automatically unlocks via Bluetooth. All you have to do is pull the handle out of the lock body to open it. When you lock it, it works exactly the opposite: plug ging down, activate the alarm, go away, be sure! The whole system works in combination with the free Abus app for iOS and Android, which also offers some smart features: every 770A SmartX can be used by several people. For this purpose, the owner decides whether to grant temporary or permanent access to other persons.

In addition, the lock offers an integrated alarm function: The 3D position detection detects the smallest movements and triggers a deterrent alarm. In case of slight movements, the castle only gives a short warning tone. However, if the sensors detect a theft attempt, the alarm tone increases to a loud 100 decibels. A notification to the smartphone however cannot be made, as the lock itself does not have a GPS receiver (and in case of a theft you are probably always outside the Bluetooth range with your smartphone).

Since all this technology also requires power, the 770A SmartX is equipped with an integrated battery that can be charged via a modern USB C port. Unfortunately, there is no information about the battery life. For protection of the tech inside, the lock is designed to be weather-resistant.

The 770A SmartX is rated as safety level 15 and thus offers maximum protection. It is available in two variants: on the one hand with an height of 230 mm with a weight of 2,000g (optional with bracket)and with an height of 300 mm with a weight of 2,200g (optional with bracket). The lock is available in grey/black, a grey/blue version will follow shortly.



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