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Rose Black Lava TR: the attractive all-round bike is now also available with comfortable suspension!


With its Black Lava series, Rose has already offered an attractive all-round bike that combines the advantages of a stylish urban bike with the versatility of a trekking bike. The new Black Lava TR bikes now extend the range with additional models, all of which are equipped with suspension: So these have a suspension fork with a suspension travel of up to 65 mm. In addition, two of the three new bikes have a suspension seat post, which is intended to provide additional riding comfort.

When it comes to the drivetrain, there are further differences to the regular Black Lava models, which are all equipped with hub gears. This is because the TR series focuses on the widest possible bandwidth, which is why derailleur gears with up to 2×11 gears are installed here.

Apart from that, the extensive equipment corresponds to what we already know from the Black Lava platform: All bikes have a permanently installed lighting system, which is permanently supplied with power by a hub dynamo in the front wheel. Mudguards and a pannier rack are also included, as are a kickstand and a handy frame lock.

The new Black Lava TR is available in three equipment variants, whereby the bikes are each offered as a HighStep with a high top tube and as a MidStep with a comfort frame in the colors Matt Black and Matt Light Blue:

  • Rose Black Lava TR 1: The entry-level model with Suntour SF22 suspension fork and 63 mm travel as well as suspension seat post, Shimano Cues 6000 derailleur with 2×10 drivetrain and Schwalbe Silentio tires with 44 mm width on standard rims. The headlight is the Hermans MR8. The weight is 17.3 kg and the price is a reasonable 1,399 euros
  • Rose Black Lava TR 2: The mid-range model features a RockShox Paragon Gold RL suspension fork with 65 mm travel and suspension seat post, Shimano Cues 6000 drivetrain with 2×11 gears and Continental Contact tires with 42 mm width on R Thirty Disc rims. The headlight is a Busch & Müller Lumotec IQ-XS T. The weight is 15.6 kg and the price is 1,699 euros
  • Rose Black Lava TR 3: The top model with RockShox Paragon Gold RL suspension fork and 65 mm travel comes — probably to save some weight — without a suspension seatpost, but with Shimano Cues 8000 drivetrain with 2×11 gears and Continental Contact tires with 42 mm width on R Thirty Disc rims. The Busch & Müller Lumotec IQ-XS T headlight is also installed here. The weight is 15.2 kg, the price is 1,999 euros

Thanks to the right balance of a low weight, great equipment with a suspension seatpost and an attractive price, the Black Lava TR 2 certainly stands out, especially as it is also equipped with visually cooler rims with their high profile. Further information on these and the other bikes in the Black Lava platform can be found directly on the Rose website, where the bikes can also be ordered directly.




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