Powered by Harley-Davidson: The new e-bike from Serial 1


Motorcycle legend Harley-Davidson is also feeling the effects of the change to e-mobility — and with Serial 1, he gives a preview of upcoming e-bike models. The Serial 1 Cycle Company, will be a specialized e-bike brand that was founded together with Harley-Davidson Inc. and whose first product line is scheduled for launch in spring 2021.

The name of Serial 1 Cycle Company comes from “Serial Number One”, the nickname of the oldest Harley-Davidson motorcycle still known. The company combines Harley-Davidson’s world-class product development capabilities and market-leading two-wheel drive technology with the innovation of a start-up brand dedicated exclusively to e-bike products and customers.

The e-bike project was born as a secret project deep within the Harley-Davidson Product Development Center and began with a small group of passionate motorcycle and bicycle enthusiasts working with a single focus to design and develop an e-bike worthy of the Harley-Davidson name. It was decided to restructure the e-bike business into a new unit that could focus solely on providing the best e-bike product and experience possible.

By combining the freedom and simplicity of a bicycle with the effortless enjoyment of electric power, Serial 1 e-bikes allow anyone to cycle further, faster and with less effort, making an e-bike the perfect solution for city driving and recreational cycling. The technical details are not yet discussed, so the prototype on display rather gives a glimpse of the upcoming design of the Serial 1 bikes.

More information about the new brand can be found on the Serial 1 website.



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