Makes you want to maintain your bike: the chain oils from greaze


Who would have thought that the topic of bicycle care can also have its positive side? But if you take a look at the chain oils from greaze, you immediately feel like taking up this topic. The chain oils stand out by their attractive appearance on their own and with their artful designed labelling they are the ideal partner for beautiful bikes.

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Handsome helpers: The chain oils from greaze

And be honest: a beautiful bike deserves some attention — and a well-oiled chain runs lighter, quieter and is also better protected from the weather. This is exactly where greaze comes in with its spray oil, which is available in two different quality levels and different can sizes:

  • On the one hand the Basic chain oil, which meets all standard requirements such as lubrication and corrosion protection. This is available in a 200 ml can as well as in a large 400 ml can. A small spray tube is placed in the lid of the Basic chain oil, which is simply inserted into the spray head. This way, even the most twisty spots are easily reached. and optimally suited for all occasional riders and hobby two-wheelers.
  • On the other hand the premium chain oil, which is only available in the large 400 ml can. This is equipped with an innovative spray head with a fold-out spray tube — so the spray tube cannot get lost and the oil reaches even the last corner. The recipe of the “Pure Adhesive Oil” ensures even better adhesion to the chain, making it much more durable and resistant. Cyclists and frequent riders should therefore choose premium chain oil directly.

Both the Basic chain oil and the Premium chain oil are available in the online shop of Urban Zweirad. Further information about the oils can also be found on the greaze website.



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