Smartphone mount for bikes

VACUUM for everyone: now you can use all smartphones with the innovative mount from Fidlock!


Fidlock expands its modular and intuitive smartphone mounting system Vacuum. With the new Vacuum Uni Phone Case as well as the Uni Phone Patch, the specialist for magnetic-mechanical locking concepts offers two new possibilities to use almost any smartphone with the innovative Vacuum system.

The modular and intuitive smartphone mount Fidlock Vacuum, introduced in 2020, harnesses two forces at once: magnetic force and vacuum. The unique combination holds twice, offers unimagined (freedom of) movement and is absolutely user-friendly.

The function of this vacuum system can be described as follows: The smartphone and holder can be easily connected via a magnetic guide. A magnet centers the smartphone and holds it reliably. Additional safety — especially under high load — is provided by the vacuum created by a suction cup. The smartphone is released by simply operating a small lever on the base. 

The Base forms the counterpart for attachment to the smartphone and can be attached either to the handlebar or directly on the Ahead cap of the head tube. Thanks to the simple combination of magnetic force and vacuum, the smartphone can be operated with one hand and rotated 360°. A ball detent also prevents unintentional twisting during the ride.  

While dedicated cases were previously only available for current smartphones from Apple and Samsung, the two novelties now help all smartphones to be able to be used with the Vacuum system.

Uni Phone Case: universal case with rain protection

Bagged and hermetically sealed, the new Uni Phone Case combines two Fidlock technologies — Vacuum and Hermetic. The universal case offers the advantages of waterproof protection for the cell phone as well as individual compatibility. Thanks to the patented “just-let-go principle”, the case closes automatically — without any manual locking, clicking or pushing. The smartphone remains fully functional thanks to the touch-compatible material of the sleek case.

Uni Phone Patch: adhesive holder for any cases

The universal adhesive patch transforms conventional smartphone cases into a Vacuum case. An M3 adhesive dot ensures a durable hold of the Vacuum geometry on any case with a smooth surface. Clever thought: The included template helps with the correct positioning and application of the Uni Phone Patch.

Both new products are scheduled to be available starting today and complement the existing Fidlock Base and dedicated Fidlock smartphone cases for Apple’s iPhone and Samsung devices.



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