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Featured: Mounting solution for Apple AirTag on the bicycle saddle


Shortly after the introduction of the comparatively inexpensive AirTags, the question arose as to whether this small tracker could also be used to track bicycles. We dealt with this topic in detail in this article. It also addressed the possibilities for attaching the AirTag to the bicycle — because unfortunately the AirTag itself does not offer a mounting option.

This is exactly where the label GaGo comes in, which among other things produces precisely fitting AirTag mounts for bicycles using the 3D printing process. For a closer look, we received a holder for the saddle that allows the AirTag to disappear almost invisibly under the saddle. In this position, the tracker is particularly well protected from environmental influences such as rain and UV light. Also, you don’t necessarily want to draw the attention of thieves to such a tracker, which also speaks in favour of this rather inconspicuous placement!

The mount is equipped with two guides on the sides in which the saddle rails can be placed. This has worked without any problems on various saddles — the only requirement is that the straight rails on the saddle still have about 15 mm of space at the back. To ensure that the holder is firmly fixed to the bike, it is fastened to the saddle with two small cable ties.

The AirTag itself is simply placed inside the holder and closed with the lid. This sits quite tightly, which is intended to prevent accidental loosening while driving. However, if you want to remove the cover deliberately — for example to change the battery of the AirTag — it is best to prise it open with a thin screwdriver.

Gadget Gott AirTag Halter Fahrrad Test 2
The AirTag mount from the side

The somewhat rough surface of the holder shows that it comes from a 3D printer. In the meantime, however, production has been changed and a high-performance plastic called ASA is now used. In addition to a somewhat smoother feel, this material also offers better UV resistance, higher weather resistance and is dimensionally stable up to 90 degrees.

All in all, a simple and practical solution for attaching an AirTag to your bike. For 17.99 euros, the bike mount for the saddle presented here can be ordered directly from Gadget Gott in the colours black, grey or white, or alternatively conveniently via Amazon. If you add the 35 euros for an AirTag, this is still probably the cheapest way to track your bike.

By the way: in addition to the presented holder for the saddle, the range of AirTag holders for the bike has become incredibly large. From reflectors to bottle cages and bells, there are now numerous solutions for the inconspicuous placement of the AirTag. An overview of current products can be found here.




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