Evari: a powerful carbon urban e-bike with a distinctive design


Carbon as a frame material for electric urban bikes has become increasingly popular lately — it promises to perfectly combine high stability with light weight. And even bikes with rather heavy drive components can achieve an acceptable total weight. The best example of this is also the new e-bike from Evari: a visually powerful bike with a striking design that uses the powerful Bosch drive from the fourth CX generation.

Remarkable is the frame, where the seat post optically fades into the background — just like the voluminous (but unsuspended) fork, it shows the dark carbon surface, whereas the rest of the frame is painted in color. Many details also contribute to the extremely clean look: There are no cables and wires to be seen, and the battery (Bosch PowerTube with 500 Wh) and motor are elegantly integrated. And even a headlight fits perfectly into the carbon handlebars. By the way, there is also a smartphone mount there, which is intended for use with the Evari app.

This smartphone app also fits perfectly into the aesthetics of the whole bike and — as the few screenshots already reveal — should certainly be one of the most attractive apps for e-bikes! Of course, this app is not absolutely necessary for using the bike, since every Bosch motor has its own display, after all. This is integrated directly into the top tube and is used for the actual control of the electric drive.

Evari Urban Bike Smartphone App
Just as elegant: Envaris iOS App for Smartphone

For the drive system, Evari relies entirely on the clean and maintenance-free Gates belt drive in combination with several shifting options. The bike will be available either as a puristic single speed with one gear, with the continuously variable automatic transmission by Enviolo or with the hub gear classic by Rohloff with 14 gears.

Obviously, the single-speed model is also the lightest version of this trio and weighs 16.5 kg — a good figure for a bike with Bosch’s Performance-Line CX drive. Exact details on availability and prices are still pending, but are expected to be published at the end of November!




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