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Black Week 2022: Selected Urban Bike deals (Update VII)


It’s the end of November, it’ once again that time of the year for bargains — no matter if it’s for yourself or as a X-Mas gift for others. Since the offers around Black Friday are now already available before the actual Friday and usually a bit after, we start already today with a small selection of attractive deals.

This article will be updated throughout the week — so check back regularly so you don’t miss out on any offers!

Black Week Deal 2022 Tenways 1

Tenways CGO600

That the singlespeed e-bike CGO600 from Tenways is not only affordable, but also really good, has already been shown in our detailed review. This week you can save another 100 euros via this link, the bike then costs just 1,499 euros! In addition, there are mudguards and kickstand for free and as a bonus you also get a bike bag for only 1 euro extra!

Black Week Deal 2022 Moto

Moto Pedals

The cool Moto pedals are not only special because of their Griptape surface — also special materials like the Classic pedal with multiplex frame make the difference here! With the code “” you get a discount of 15 percent on all products in the store via this link!

Black Week Deal 2022 Woom

Woom Bundles

Woom has also come up with something for Black Friday and offers four different bundles via this link, with which you can save up to 50 euros when buying a kids bike. Currently, you also benefit from the price guarantee for 2022, even on novelties such as the Woom 3 with automatic transmission or the new Woom Now series.

Black Week Deal 2022 Garmin Radar

Garmin Radar-Taillight

Garmin Varia RTL 516 is the bulky name of this STVZO-approved taillight, but it’s much more than just a light. The device includes a radar sensor that can display the following traffic on the matching smartphone app. So if a vehicle approaches from behind, you can see it immediately on the display — without having to look behind. The gadget is currently available via this link for 135 instead of 200 Euros.

Black Week Deal 2022 Rose

Rose Multistreet 3

For 200 euros less, bike manufacturer Rose offers the Multistreet 3. A sporty urban bike with a clean look and a high-quality equipment with Shimano’s GRX derailleur. The bike is available in two frame shapes and weighs less than 10 kg each, the promotional offer is 1,499 euros!

Black Week Deal 2022 Redshift

Redshift ShockStop

Who has thrown an eye on the recommendable ShockStop parts of Redshift, should now grab them: Currently, the suspension seatpost and the suspension stem are offered with a discount of 20 percent via this link. Thus, the, admittedly quite expensive, components are at least more affordable — and your back will appreciate it!

Black Week Deal 2022 Cowboy 1

Cowboy C3

Update: all C3 bikes are sold out now. The absolute bargain price! After the successor C4 has become regularly available, Cowboy now announces the last batch of C3 bikes. The fact that this bike is even superior to its successor in some respects, you can read in our review. And if you can wait until April 2023, the C3 is now available for an incredible 1,190 euros!

Black Week Deal 2022 VanMoof

VanMoof S3

Update: Currently only the S3 in black is still available, the light S3 and the X3 bikes are sold out. So if you are interested you should order as soon as possible! VanMoof calls it the biggest price reduction so far for the VanMoof S3 (and by the way also the compact X3): with the code TURBO700 there is a discount of 700 euros, which makes the final price of the smart bike 1,798 euros! The delivery time for the S3 is only 7 days, so the bike should be with you before Christmas.

Black Week Deal 2022 Veloretti

Veloretti Electric

Okay, when VanMoof and Cowboy take part, Veloretti is usually not far. For Black Friday, the Dutch give a discount of 15% with the code EARLYACCESS15. So the Veloretti Ivy with trapeze frame or the Veloretti Ace with diamond frame still costs around 2,124 euros instead of the current normal price of 2,499 euros.

Black Week Deal 2022 Early Rider

Early Rider Bikes

The kids bikes from Early Rider are – not only because of their belt drive – plenty cool. All the better that the entire range is now available at Bike Components with 20% discount. Just click here and enter the code “EARLYRIDER20”!

Black Week Deal 2022 Montagestaender


With its own brand 3Min19Sec Bike Components sells useful accessories around the bike, including the recommendable bike assembly stand. On the one hand, this keeps the bike stable at a comfortable height, but can also be stored very compactly when not in use. On this and all other products of the brand there is 25% discount with the code “3MIN19SEC25”.

Black Week Deal 2022 Specialized

20% off Specialized

A whopping 20% discount on all Specialized products is available with the code “SPECIALIZED20” via this link. This is particularly noteworthy in that it also applies to the latest products of the 2023 season. For example, here on the new Vado SL 5.0 with new display in the top tube – which there is thus over 1,000 euros cheaper!

Black Week Deal 2022 Beeline

Beeline Velo 2

Update: Available again for the regular price. The Velo 2 is a clever navigation gadget from Beeline. The compact display connects to the smartphone and displays the chosen route using Beeline’s free software. The advantage: the valuable smartphone can stay in your pocket and the battery consumption remains low. Currently reduced to around 70 euros!




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