Innovative urban ebike from Decathlon: B’TWIN LD920 E automatic with a new motor with automatic transmission
Currently still available for less: the smart Cowboy Bike in its Performance version
Preview: the compact cargobike Monopole Toolbike No 01 with Mahles X35 drive system
On sale again: the Lidl Urban e-bike is currently available for 1,199 euros!
The demise is official now: VanMoof is bankrupt! But how could it come this far?
Less features, lower price: Cowboy brings a more affordable Core edition
Now available: the versatile AGO T e-bike from Tenways can be ordered now
Preview: With these new features Coboc upgrades its singlespeed e-bike Brooklyn Fat for 2024.
Riding relaxed: Cowboy launches a new cruiser variant for enhanced comfort
Maximum versatility: the new Tenways AGO T combines comfort, power and design with an attractive price tag

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