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Three types for all urban needs: Peugeot shows new e-bikes with connected features


Bicycles or e-bikes from car manufacturers are often ambivalent: on the one hand, there are really good and interesting designs where you can see that a manufacturer has taken the topic seriously. On the other hand, we also know enough examples where an existing bike is simply rebranded in a rather careless way.

The current lineup of Peugeot Cycles bikes is not so easy to categorize in this respect: on the one hand, there are currently some models that are pretty average here as well. On the other hand, the French manufacturer can look back on a tradition of almost 140 years in the sale of bicycles — and accordingly, there are some gems especially in the analog biycles, which can score mainly with their vintage looks.

However, three new models that Peugeot plans to launch at the end of 2023 and beginning of 2024 show that the company wants to set the tone for the future with new models. These are aimed at the requirements of urban environments and should be of particular interest to families in urban areas where the infrastructure for bicycles is currently developing rapidly (more bike lanes, dedicated bicycle parking lots, etc.). Likewise, the new cargo bikes in particular are aimed at companies of all sizes — from craftsmen to logistics companies.

Peugeot wants to take over the cities with these three electric bike series

  • Peugeot Digital Concept: connected commuter e-bike with everyday features for commuting between work and home
  • Peugeot Digital e-Longtail: connected cargo bike whose extended rear end comfortably accommodates up to two children or a load and is particularly suitable for families.
  • Peugeot Digital e-Long John: connected cargo bike with an extended front wheelbase that provides space for a box that can carry up to three children or large loads, especially suitable for families and professionals.

While specific technical information about the bikes has not yet been released, Peugeot is emphasizing the connected technologies that users of the new e-bikes are expected to benefit from: The focus here is on a dedicated smartphone app, adaptive electric assistance, an anti-theft system, an alarm system, geolocation of the bike, real-time navigation, weather forecasts at the destination and route statistics.

Even though the two cargo bikes look quite good, the real star is certainly the Digital Concept commuter bike, which is causing a stir above all with its unusually shaped frame. This should make it easy to get on and off the bike, and the curved handlebars promise a comfortable sitting position. Also interesting is the Mullet design with a slightly smaller rear wheel. A lighting system with a headlight in the handlebar and a taillight in the mudguard is integrated into the bike, and the electric drive comes from Shimano. While the cargo bikes have derailleur gears, the Commuter model has a hub gear in combination with a belt drive (presumably Shimano’s Nexus Inter 5E).


These three new model series show that Peugeot takes the topic of bicycle or e-bike seriously in the future! The new bikes are specially designed to meet the requirements of the growing target group in urban areas and already convince on these first images with a slick and — particularly in the Commuter model — very distinctive design. How good the bikes then actually are, however, can only be judged after the publication of the technical specifications and the retail price. As soon as there is new information on this, we will of course inform you here.




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