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Summer collection 2023: these are the new colors of Ampler’s sleek ebikes


Until now, Ampler has been known for making its e-bikes some of the lightest on the road. The new color range now also makes the selection one of the most versatile on the market. In 2022, Ampler opened its own 1,300 m2 paint shop in Estonia. It gives the company the flexibility to customize colors and offer customers a wider choice. At the same time, it ensures quality control for an even more durable powder coating of the bicycle frames. 

In selecting the six newly introduced colors Sunrise-Yellow, Purple-Void, Ever-Green, Merlot-Red, Midnight-Blue and Nordic-Blue, Ampler has been inspired by nature. From the lush green of pine forests to the warm yellow tones of the summer sun, there is now something for everyone. The new colors are distributed over one model each and complement the existing color palette. In detail, the range now looks like this:

  • Ampler Juna (singlespeed bike with comfort frame) is now available in Moon-Grey and new in Sunrise-Yellow
  • Ampler Axel (singlespeed bike) is now available in Rock-Green and new in Nordic-Blue
  • Ampler Curt (available as singlespeed as well as derailleur) is now available in Matte-Black and new in Purple-Void
  • Ampler Stellar (with derailleur) is now available in Racing-Red, Midnight-Blue and new in Pearl-Black
  • Ampler Stout (with derailleur) is now available in Ever-Green, Pearl Black and new in Merlot-Red

All Ampler e-bikes are designed and assembled in Ampler’s own factory in Europe, Estonia. The e-bike manufacturer offers test rides at its showrooms in Berlin, Cologne, Amsterdam, Tallinn and Zurich. There are also Ambassadors throughout Europe, including a partner store in Norway.

There’s more news for Ampler in 2023: the company recently announced that it is joining the Kõu Mobility Group. The group consists of four micromobility companies operating as separate business units: Comodule, which provides software and IoT solutions for light electric vehicles; Tuul, a sharing service for electric scooters; Äike, a manufacturer of electric scooters; and Ampler, a developer of light electric bicycles. By 2023, Kõu Mobility Group will have powered nearly one million vehicles worldwide.

The prices for the Ampler bikes start at 2,790 euros for Juna and Axel, 2,890 euros are needed for Stellar and Stout. Top model is still the Curt for 3,190 euros. All models are equipped with a hub motor in the rear wheel, the fixed installed battery in the down tube has a capacity of 336 Wh. The innovations of this Gen2 model series include in particular the improved connectivity with GPS module and integrated display.

More info on the bikes can be found directly on Ampler’s website.



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