Stylish pedals for urban riders: The MOTO Rreflex Pedal (with coupon code)


If you are looking for a nice, light and non-slip pedal, you will sooner or later come across MOTO Bicycles: With their pedals the Berlin-based company offers not only a visually but also technically perfect solution. The Flat Pedal is a tribute to the BMX riders of the first hour, but functionally it appeals to all urban riders — from (ebike) commuters to singlespeeders, everyone should be happy with these pedals.

MOTO Motoschlappen
The new „Motoschlappen“ model

Especially for the group of fixie riders they have come up with a new innovation: together with Schindelhauer a new pedal variant has been developed. The model called “Motoschlappen” has a wide belt which allows easy access and ensures that the foot is firmly fixed to the pedal. Thus the pedal offers fixie riders more grip, more power transmission and ultimately more safety by using the entire pedal surface and direct contact with the axle.

The base of the new pedal is the MOTO Reflex Pedal in its All Black Edition. This model, suitable for everyday use, is aimed at all cyclists and offers, in addition to the technical advantages of light weight (336g per pair), the great look of a completely black pedal with black reflective stripes. A minimalist design that still offers all the important functions!

MOTO Reflex Pedal
From completely black to brightly coloured: the MOTO Reflex pedals

On the other hand, if you want to set colour accents, you can use the regular MOTO Reflex pedal, which is available with different reflective strips (currently 6 colours are available). Thanks to the modular design of all Moto pedals, they can also be adapted at a later date: coloured reflective strips as well as various Griptapes are available for retrofitting.

The price for the MOTO Reflex pedals is 55 Euro, the Fixie version “Motoschlappen” costs 85 Euro. By the way, the classic MOTO pedals with a frame made of multiplex wood are still available, but also much more expensive. All information about Moto’s products can be found in the webshop of MOTO Bicycles. readers benefit additionally: With the coupon code “” there is a 10 % discount on all orders via this link!



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