Noticeably freshened up: Cube Editor and Cube Hyde with hub gears and belt drive


In the last few years it has unfortunately become somewhat quieter around clean urban bikes with hub gears — one of our favourite topics here. On the one hand, because this is more of a niche topic anyway, and on the other hand because of the increasing dominance of e-bikes.

An interesting recommendation in this niche has long been the two bike series Editor and Hyde from Cube. And now — brand new for the 2021 season – there are finally visible changes for both models! While in previous years the bikes were always kept uniformly black, Cube now surprises us with a fresh colour palette and matching tyres in the currently hip brown-black Gumwall design.

As mentioned at the beginning all following models are equipped with hub gears. On the one hand, this contributes to a tidy look and on the other hand, the encapsulated gears ensure a high degree of maintenance-free operation. It is only fitting that the Gates belt drive is also almost maintenance-free, clean and quiet. The differences between the two model series are mainly to be found in the components and frame variants.

Cube Editor 2021

The Editor has always been the top model of these bikes and is accordingly well equipped: The Alfine hub from Shimano with 11 gears is used as gearshift and the high-quality Gates CDX centre track is used as belt drive. The brakes are from the Shimano Deore series (BR-M6100) and together with the Selle Royal Prestige saddle and Knog Oi bell, the bike weighs a light 11.5 kg. The new colour of the aluminium frame is called grey’n’silver, the Schwalbe Marathon Supreme tyres are 42 mm wide and should offer sufficient riding comfort. The Editor is only available with a diamond frame, but in five sizes and costs 1,559 Euros.

Cube Hyde Race 2021

The Hyde series is positioned below the editor and is itself again divided into two models. Let’s start with the higher quality Hyde Race with the Shimanos Alfine hub and 8 gears. The colour is called iridium’n’black, the tyres are Schwalbe Spicer with 40 mm width. For the belt drive a simpler model from Gates’ CDN series is used, the hydraulic disc brakes type MT200 are again from Shimano. Together with the Selle Royal Prestige saddle and the Knog Oi bell, the Hyde Race weighs 12 kg. Besides the diamond frame, the bike is also available with a trapezoidal frame, the price is 974 Euro.

Cube Hyde Pro 2021

The cheapest model with hub gears and belt drive is the Hyde Pro. The technical data are largely the same as for the Race model, but here a cheaper Shimano Nexus 8-speed gear system is used. The colour is called deepblue’n’silver and the tyres are also from Schwalbe, but here the voluminous model called Big Apple. This also makes the bike with 13.7 kg a good deal heavier, but it also costs only 876 Euro – and is also available with diamond frame and comfortable trapezoid frame.

All further information on the individual models can be found directly on the Cube website. There you can also find the Cube Hyde, which costs just under 700 Euros – but due to the built-in derailleur system, it didn’t find a place here.

Update (27.02.2021): the prices have now unfortunately been raised by Cube. So the Cube Hyde Race now costs 1,049 euros, the Cube Hyde Pro 949 euros and the editor 1,649 euros.




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