Tested: The puristic e-bike Coboc ONE Brooklyn Fat
Preview: The new S3 and X3 e-bikes from Vanmoof
Unique and now also available as an e-bike: the Mokumono Delta S
Stylish on tour: the Coboc TEN Merano in a limited color edition
Canyon Pathlite:ON — robust all-round e-bikes with dual battery option
Urwahn Platzhirsch: Singlespeed E-Bike with innovative steel frame
Schindelhauer Arthur — the clean e-bike with integrated lighting system is finally available!
Convincingly unconventional: The Cannondale Treadwell Neo EQ ebike tested
Cannondale Quick Neo SL: sporty e-bikes with a slim design
Moustache Friday 28: Urban E-Bikes with clever details

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