New cockpit with integrated display

Veloretti Electric Two: these are the new Ivy and Ace Urban ebikes from Veloretti.


About two years ago, Veloretti caused quite a stir with the presentation of their first e-bikes Ivy and Ace — the Dutch company presented a smart bike alternative that went its own way with a powerful mid-drive motor, continuously variable automatic transmission and a removable battery. Of course, the success of the two bikes was also helped by the cool design and a very fair price.

Now they take the Electric Two series into the next level: still both models are called Ivy and Ace, which identifies the two frame shapes: Ivy Two is the model with comfort frame in trapezoid shape, Ace Two has a classic diamond frame with high top tube. Even though the design of the bikes has now become a bit more edgy, they still look much like their predecessors. The innovations are thus more likely to be found at second glance — but are all the more interesting for it! 

This is new on the Veloretti Electric Bikes

  • New cockpit with integrated display and integrated buttons for operation.
  • New battery with 540 Wh capacity, which is still removable (previously 518 Wh).
  • New “hyperbolic” lighting system, still directly integrated into the frame. Additional, StVZO-compliant Osram headlight in the cockpit, which also steers in curves. The rear light is also newly equipped with a brake light function.
  • Hydraulic brake system type Shimano MT200
  • New 50mm wide tires designed to provide more protection against punctures
  • Revised app connectivity
  • Integrated speaker, among other things, to generate the bicycle bell

In terms of the electric drive, nothing new has changed: The mid-drive motor from Bafang provides a torque of 65 Nm, and the power transmission to the rear wheel is done by a belt drive from Gates. However, however a new pulley ensures that the belt is always kept under the right tension. The Enviolo TR continuously variable automatic transmission, which offers a range of 310%, is again used in the rear hub. Unfortunately one of the previous points of criticism remains: with 28 kg the new generation of Veloretti ebikes is still quite heavy! 

Front and rear racks with compatible baskets will soon be available as accessories for the new bikes, and Veloretti offers a suitable frame lock directly in the order process.

New features of the Veloretti App

While all important settings such as light, bell, cadence and speed can be controlled directly via the new, integrated buttons on the handlebars, the updated Veloretti app offers many additional functions. For example, personal riding activity can be tracked and daily, weekly or monthly goals can be set. When it comes to riding modes, you can choose between a comfort, economy or sport mode to change the riding experience. For routes, the corresponding range is calculated with the remaining battery power available, based on the current assistance level. In addition, tracking the bike’s location is also possible, but only in conjunction with the paid insurance plan.


A well-done update: with the new model generation, Veloretti offers a solid update that makes the two stylish bikes even more attractive. Highlights are certainly the integrated cockpit with a large display, which provides information while riding and can also be used for navigation. The buttons on the left and right, which can be used to easily adjust settings — such as the riding mode or the preferred cadence of the automatic transmission — are likely to be particularly practical in everyday use. The improvement in the lighting system, which now also includes a StVZO-compliant headlight and also offers a brake light, is also absolutely welcome.

In line with the innovations and the current situation, Veloretti is also increasing the price: the new Electric Two models are now priced at 3,299 euros – still an attractive price considering the features. While the bikes are still only available in one frame size, there is now even more choice of colors: In addition to the familiar shades of matte black, graphite and pebble gray, there is now a fourth color called Dune. All bikes can be ordered now, the delivery time is currently four to six weeks. More info on the Veloretti website.




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