"Revolutionary" ebike drive

Mission ON.E — Gearbox manufacturer Pinion wants to bring together what belongs together! 


We are getting closer to the start of this year’s Eurobike — the international bicycle trade fair in Frankfurt — where, as usual, you can expect to see numerous new products and innovations relating to bicycles and e-bikes. This certainly includes the latest product from Pinion, the manufacturer of the well-known gearboxes for the bottom bracket. Until now, this system could only be used on e-bikes in combination with a hub motor in the rear wheel; a mid-mounted motor was not an option due to the installation space occupied by the gearbox.

Now, however, Pinion has announced a new “revolutionary e-bike drive” in the form of the Mission ON.E, which is intended to “usher in a new e-bike era together with nine top-class e-bike brands”. The teaser photo released in advance reveals a housing that looks like a motor with its mounting points at the top and the crank holder — but also has the round cover typical of Pinion’s gearboxes.

Pinion has already made the first step towards electrification in the previous year with the Smart.Shift system, which made electronic operation of the well-known gearbox possible. If you believe the announcement, Pinion will now make a much bigger step forward with the new Mission ON.E! What exactly is behind it, however, will only be revealed on June 20, 2023 — then Pinion will publish all the info on the new Mission ON.E, we will of course report on it here!



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