Lumos Ultra: Affordable bicycle helmet with LED lights on Kickstarter


Lumos is known for bicycle helmets that have integrated lighting at the front and back. Until now, these models were among the more expensive helmets on the market, but the new Lumos Ultra will change that: This helmet is said to be available regularly from 99 USD, but currently, pre-orders are being collected in advance through a Kickstarter campaign. The helmet is offered at a even lower price — starting at 79 USD, the equivalent of around 70 Euro (plus 10 USD for shipping to the EU).

Lumos Helm Kickstarter 2020 Light
Two-part tail light with turn signal function

Like all helmets from Lumos, there is a LED-light at the front and rear, which certainly makes drivers much more visible in traffic. However, it is doubtful whether the front light is bright enough to replace a full-size bicycle headlight. This question is hardly relevant for the rear light, after all it is only a question of being seen in traffic. But Lumos offers a clever additional function: With a wireless button for the handlebars, the two-part tail light can be used as a turn signal. As an alternative to the aforementioned button on the handlebars, the Apple Watch can also be used to control the function.

Lumos Helm Kickstarter 2020 Remote
Wireless remote control for the handlebars

For the power supply the helmet is equipped with an integrated battery, which is charged via a USB-C socket. The Lumos Ultra will be available in three sizes, the weight is a lightweight 370g and a total of fifteen different colour combinations are available for pre-ordering. There is also a 30 USD more expensive version, which will offer additional protection through the integrated MIPS system.

Pre-orderers must be patient until November, then the helmet will be delivered. All further information can be found on the campaign page at Kickstarter.



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