Equal Bike from Finland: Affordable e-bike with removable battery


The range of light and slim e-bikes is growing steadily and with Equal Bikes a new start-up from Finland is now entering the market. Basically, the company relies on the proven ingredients of a hub motor, single-speed drivetrain and a battery integrated into the frame — but this is exactly where they have come up with an innovation: the battery of the Equal Bike is housed in the top tube and can be removed from the rear end.

Equal Bike Urban E Bike Finland
Slim bike that hardly reveals the electric drive

What sounds like a very simple and practical solution, is not so easy to handle: the seat post is in the way, which has to be loosened and then pulled up — only then the battery can be removed for charging. Of course the battery can be charged directly in the bike, just like other bikes of this category. And with a weight of 14.7 kg (in size M) the bike is still light enough to be carried completely into the home or office.

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More Information

The motor is controlled by a torque sensor, which provides a natural driving experience by supporting the drive system. There is no display, but an optional smartphone app is available. A button on the left side of the top tube turns the Equal Bike on.

The bike is designed for commuters and therefore comes with mudguards and an integrated lighting system as standard. The tail light is also the opening flap for removing the battery. This has by the way a capacity of only 225 Wh, which is clearly less compared to the competitors and should be sufficient for a range of up to 50 km. In addition to a standard version with a classic bicycle chain, the Equal Bike is also available with the Gates belt drive, which adds 250 Euros to the price. The curved handlebars are aimed at comfort-oriented riders and hydraulic disc brakes are installed for safe braking.

And speaking of the price: it is (with bicycle chain instead of belt) 1.490 Euro including taxes and is therefore quite reasonable! You can even choose between three frame sizes, but the color of the bike is always dark grey. Currently, the Equal Bike can be reserved for a deposit of 100 Euro, delivery is planned for summer 2021 (in the EU, Norway and Switzerland). More information about the Equal Bike can be found on the manufacturer’s website.




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