Save 300€ until end of July

Currently still available for less: the smart Cowboy Bike in its Performance version


Cowboy is currently a lot of movement in its lineup: just recently they introduced the new comfort variant with the addition Cruiser, which has an ergonomically shaped handlebar with a higher stem — and should thus provide a more upright and comfortable ride.

Shortly thereafter, the new Cowboy Core was introduced as a lower-priced version starting at 2,490 Euros, which is only available in black. The savings are mainly found in the omission of the belt drive, a slower charger, the missing Qi charger for the smartphone on the handlebar and reduced software features. We have summarized all the information in this article.

Since then, the fully equipped cowboy bike has been called Performance, is available in five color variants and currently costs 2,990 euros. However, the price of this performance variant will increase from August — so interested parties should still buy in June to avoid the surcharge! That is worthwhile, because the new price of the Performance model will then be 3,290 Euros.

So anyone who wants to get the top model or simply wants a Cowboy bike in a color other than black should take the opportunity: because by ordering before the end of July at the current price of 2,990 euros, you can save a full 300 euros! Further information and ordering options are available directly here on the Cowboy website.



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