New ebike made in the Netherlands

Comfortable, practical and still unique: the new Mokumono Delta C


After the sporty e-bike Delta S from last year, Mokumono from Amsterdam is now expanding the model range with the new Delta C: The “C” here stands for Comfort and immediately gives a hint that this model should be more relaxed — and more practical too!

However, the unique frame remains an integral part of the new bike: This is pressed from two aluminum plates — similar to the production process in automobile manufacturing — and then joined thanks to robot-assisted 3D laser welding. This automated production method also made it possible to bring the production of the frames back to the Netherlands — instead of producing bike frames in Taiwan and then shipping them halfway around the world, as is usually the case. And in other respects, too, Mokumono attaches great importance to production that conserves resources as much as possible, with many components sourced from Europe.

Mokumono Delta C Urban Commuter E Bike
The new Mokumono Delta C

But what is new about the Delta C? Firstly, the now semi-upright seating position, which is less stretched than on the Delta S — and therefore more comfortable. This is ensured by the raised handlebar-stem combination, with Ergo grips from Brooks and the new Brooks Cambium C67 saddle (both we have already tested here). In addition, the 50 mm wide 27.5 “tires of the type Continental Contact Urban and the carbon front fork should absorb as many vibrations as possible.

In addition to the pannier holder on the rear mudguard, there is now also a new, custom front rack, which has a large storage area and thanks to the perforated grid offers many options for mounting the transported goods. This rack is firmly connected to the frame and thus does not steer with the front wheel, which provides more stability in curves.

The rest of the equipment is completed by hydraulic disc brakes from Formula and a lighting system from Supernova. The drivetrain — as with the Delta S — is based on Singlespeed in combination with the Gates belt drive. The electrical components are also identical: So here, too, the system from Hydrive is used, consisting of a 250-watt hub motor in the rear wheel and a torque sensor in the bottom bracket. As usual for systems with a torque sensor, the electric assistance should provide a very natural driving experience. The weight of the bike is, by the way, despite the extensive equipment, at a light 16.5 kg!

The battery is a proprietary development by Mokumono and offers a capacity of 250 Wh — which should be enough for 60 km range. The charging socket is also positioned on the battery, which holds the plug magnetically. There is no display, but the on-off switch on the side of the head tube also shows the battery capacity in three LED levels. A suitable smartphone app is available for more detailed information.

At 3,090 euros, the new Delta C is minimally more expensive than the Delta S, and you can choose between sizes S/M and M/L for the frame. In addition, the bike can be optionally equipped with a GPS tracker and, thanks to flexible and local production, Mokumono also offers the option of having the frame of the bike painted in the color of your choice (instead of the standard color black metallic). This option comes at an extra cost of 250 euros, but makes the bike’s unique frame even more individual!

All further information on the new Delta C is available on the Mokumono website.




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