More comfort on the handlebar

Classic grips for comfortable handling: the new Ergonomic Leather Grips from Brooks England


After Brooks had already introduced completely new Ergo grips for the leather-free Cambium series, now they are followed by similar grips made of leather.

In terms of form and construction, the two variants are clearly similar: the actual grip is made of black thermoplastic rubber. The insert on the upper side is made of leather however — matching the Brooks leather saddles, the three colors black, brown and honey are available. The rather classic look is then completed by the end caps made of silver-matte aluminum.

Incidentally, Ergo grips with leather are not entirely new: Brooks had already previously with the GP1 ergonomically shaped handlebar grips in the offer, these were created in cooperation with the specialists for bicycle ergonomics of Ergon. The new Ergonomic Leather Grips are now, however, a pure Brooks product.

The fact that the ergonomic shape of the grips offers significant advantages in terms of comfort has already been shown in our test of the aforementioned Ergonomic Rubber Grips from the Cambium series. The same can therefore also be expected from the new Ergonomic Leather Grips. The new parts are available in a set of 2, each with a width of 130 mm; and those who have installed a gear shift with twist grip shifter can fall back on the set with 130/100 mm width. The recommended price is 85 euros in each case. 



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