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BMC Alpenchallenge AMP: more affordable e-bikes for 2021


Already in 2019 we reported on the then new and electric Alpenchallenge AMP series from BMC. Not only the concept with Shimano motor and the consistently semi-integrated battery was remarkable. Also the use of carbon as a frame material made all models surprisingly light — but also correspondingly expensive. For 2021, BMC therefore now also introduces numerous models with cheaper aluminum frame, which significantly reduces the price of the bikes.

The look and the concept of the bikes remains untouched: As before, the company relies on Shimano as a partner in terms of electrification, and the motor from the 6100 Steps series is used in all models. With a torque of 60 Nm, this is — compared to Shimano’s new top model EP — quite modest; but for use in urban environments, you are certainly still more than adequately motorized! The battery pack is also from Shimano and offers a capacity of 418 Wh or 504 Wh, depending on the model. In contrast to the ongoing trend, BMC still does not use an integrated battery, which disappears in the down tube. Instead, it continues to rely on a classic “external” battery, which finds space on the seat tube. Thanks to the adapted frame design this results also as one visual unit. In addition, the handling when removing and inserting the battery is certainly easier.

The Alpine Challenge AMP in three model ranges:

  • Alpenchallenge AMP-Sport, depending on model with flatbar or racing handlebar, without Commuter equipment.
  • Alpenchallenge AMP-Cross, with flatbar handlebar and gravel tires, without Commuter equipment
  • Alpenchallenge AMP-City, with flatbar handlebars and Commuter equipment (mudguards, lights and rack)

For urban use, the models of the AMP City series are of particular interest, of course, which is why we look at them in detail: Here there are now three models with aluminum frames, one of them even with hub gears and the largely maintenance-free Gates belt drive. This was also an equipment request that we had already expressed when we presented the original Alpenchallenge AMP.

BMC now implements this in the new AMP AL City One with Shimano’s relatively new 5-speed hub gear Nexus 5 IHG. Five gears may seem unusually few at first glance, but with a range of 263% it covers about the range of a 7-speed hub gear — which is certainly sufficient for urban trips. If you still want to reach for the classic derailleur, you can find it with Shimano’s Deore series in the other two models AMP AL City Two and AMP AL City Four. Both models essentially differ in color and battery capacity.

Common to all models is the practical Commuter equipment with Curana mudguards with integrated rear light, high-quality headlight from Supernova and a rack. The tires are 37 mm wide and should provide a sufficiently good comfort.

But it should be even more comfortable with the top model, the simply called AMP City. This not only has a lightweight carbon frame and a carbon seatpost, but also offers with the Micro Travel Technology a flexible suspension of the rear triangle, which should provide up to 10 mm travel.

The differences of the AMP City models:

AusstattungAMP CityAMP AL City OneAMP AL City TwoAMP AL City Four
Battery capacity504 Wh418 Wh504 Wh418 Wh
GearshiftDeore Derailleur,
10 gears
Nexus-Hub gear,
5 gears with belt drive
Deore Derailleur,
10 gears
Deore Derailleur,
10 gears
BrakesMagura MT4Shimano MT500Shimano MT500Shimano MT500
Weight16.7 kg20.1 kg19,.7 kg19.7 kg
Price3.999 Euro3.299 Euro3.299 Euro3.199 Euro

In addition to the city models, it is also worth taking a look at the other model series: The AMP AL Sport One and the AMP AL Cross are two examples – both comparatively inexpensive models with aluminum frames and flatbar handlebars, which should also serve well as sporty urban bikes:

AusstattungAMP AL Sport OneAMP AL Cross One
Battery capacity504 Wh418 Wh
Gearshift105 derailleur,
11 gears
Deore derailleur,
10 gears
BrakesShimano MT400Shimano MT500
Weight18.0 kg18.7 kg
Price3.299 Euro2.999 Euro

With the new line-up BMC now offers more choice at lower prices. The models are indeed — due to the use of aluminum instead of carbon —- become somewhat heavier. But compared to other mid-motor models, even the new bikes are still relatively light, which may also be due to the unusual battery integration.

All further information on the 2021 bikes is available on the BMC website.




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  1. UrbanBike.News | Oliver

    Nice article, Crclhll! Really too bad but that BMC has probably discontinued the Alpenchallenge AMP series with Shimano’s STEPS drive system.

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