Sales doubled in 2020

Ampler Bikes on course for expansion in 2021


Ampler Bikes increased its 2020 sales by 115% year-on-year while posting a year-end profit. In its largest market, Germany, the e-bike manufacturer recorded sales growth of 136%. This was boosted by changing consumer behavior during the pandemic and the increasing switch from public transport and cars to e-bikes.

For 2021, the company intends to maintain its rapid growth rate in Germany while expanding into other markets, such as Switzerland and the Netherlands. There, the company plans to open new flagship stores this year.

In spring 2020, Ampler opened a second Germany showroom in Cologne. The impact of the pandemic-related restrictions on the company’s results, were successfully compensated by the direct sales model. Online sales account for more than 90% of the company’s revenue. This limited the effects of the pandemic policy, which led to the closure of showrooms and the disruption of the nationwide test drive program. In addition to the direct online sales model, Ampler’s own manufacturing in Estonia and close partnerships with suppliers proved to be advantages during the difficult times.

Ampler Store
Ampler Flagship-Store

At the same time, the e-bike manufacturer plans to develop a stronger market presence in other regions of Europe. In this context, Ampler will open flagship stores in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Ampler increased its workforce from 45 to 85 in 2020 and plans to double that number in 2021 to support continued growth. In December 2020, Ampler announced plans for a new CO2-neutral assembly factory in Estonia, with construction expected to begin in 2021. The current factory near Tallinn opened in November 2019.

Ampler pedelecs are specially designed for use in urban areas and metropolitan areas. Their very low weight in combination with their range and StVO-compliant equipment, makes them the ideal car replacement and fully integrable into urban realities with many obstacles and little storage space.



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